Thermadex® is designed for use in outdoor active wear where lightweight, superior insulating performance and minimal loft is required. Thermadex® provides a high level of warmth in active applications such as in alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and nordic skiing. Thermadex® provides warmth, softness, and breathability without the bulk.


Clothing insulation may be expressed in clo units. The clo has the same units as the R-value used to describe insulation used in residential construction. The clo value is also similar in magnitude to the R-value.

1 clo = 0.155 K·m²/W = 0.88 R

This is the amount of insulation that allows a person at rest to maintain thermal equilibrium in an environment at 21°C (70°F) in a normally ventilated room (0.1 m/s air movement). Above this temperature the person so dressed will sweat, whereas below this temperature, the person will feel cold.


Sureflote® flotation lining can add clo value of about 2.0 to the garment. The number of effective Sureflote® layers in a garment may vary according to style and location. For example, additional Sureflote® is typically used in the knees. The additive clo value is determined based on average flotation in the body of the jacket.


The insulation required by an individual to maintain comfort is markedly affected by activity level. This factor must be considered when choosing a garment for a particular activity. Ventilation can be as important as insulation as it relates to removing moisture from inside the garment shell. You can have massive insulation in a garment and still get cold due to moisture remaining inside the garment from normal or excessive perspiration. This is particularly true with flotation linings which do not breathe on their own.