Products FAQ

Quality Striker outerwear is extremely difficult to construct. This is due to the custom designed flotation lining and the premium construction standards we employ.

For example, most sewing factories have great difficulty duplicating our linings, our seam margins, seam taping, and general construction. There is a difference between executing engineering excellence and trying to copy it.

Starting with our proprietary fabrics and insulation padding and finishing with acute attention to detail in each suit we construct for different applications. In the end - fit and feel of a Striker suit makes all the difference in the world. Try one on and you'll feel the difference.

Our Sureflote® flotation system, which is made from expanded low density polyethylene foam, traps air in closed cells. This is constructed into multi-layer membranes to create internal air pockets for added buoyancy. The Sureflote® membrane is moisture resistant and provides superior user mobility and added protection in the extreme cold. The combined jacket and bib with Sureflote® provides flotation assistance for up to two hours for an average person. You can float with just the bib or jacket and you will not float upside down while wearing just the bib.

Our Hydrapore Waterproof/Breathable shell is designed specifically for ice fishing applications to protect the wearer from slush, snow, and common ice fishing environments. It is not suggested as an alternative to high quality rain gear for long periods of heavy rain.

Our proprietary adjustable inseam allows you to adjust the inseam length on Ice Bibs by up to 6 inches.

Adjustable Inseam Instructions for Ice Bibs:

1) Lay bibs on flat surface.
2) Unzip legs all the way and open lower leg.
3) Undo Velcro on gaiter fabric and flip over the gaiter fabric up onto the leg lining.
4) Unfold the very bottom hem (1/2” seam secured by Velcro) across the cuff by sliding your thumb through the two halves of Velcro.
5) You will want to “hide” either one or two of the connecting tabs with snaps, depending on how much you shorten the cuff. (Snap the tab to the inside lining so it stays inside since it is not needed any more)
6) Now you can fold the cuff up to a higher setting, as much as 6 inches. The maximum change is set so that the cuff hem is the same length as the leg zipper storm flap (as shown in image below).
7) Reconnect the Velcro on the bottom cuff hem to the higher Velcro strip(s).
8) Make a crease on the new bottom hem by pressing flat. Do NOT use an iron because this will burn the fabric.

Striker Rain Bibs

Striker Vortex Bibs are adjustable via easily accessible buttons inside each leg. Inseam options include 27", 29", 31", and 33".

Adrenaline and Denali Bibs are not equipped with adjustable inseams.

Size charts for all Striker products are viewable on their respective product pages at They are also available at here.

The Climate Jacket is tapered so it can be more comfortable when worn without the G2 softshell lining. Consider one size larger Climate jacket for “experienced bellies.”

The Hardwater Jacket has more of a box cut and runs slightly larger than our size chart. If you are between two sizes of the Hardwater, pickthe smaller size to be safe.

Yes, machine wash in cold water using a mild detergent and finish by hang drying. Never use high heat for drying!

To take best care of your rain gear - machine wash on cold and finish by hang drying. Once hang dried - tumble dry on low for a few minutes to help reactive the DWR finish. Never use high heat for drying!

Adrenaline, Women's Adrenaline, Denali, and Vortex rain suits also require occasional washing for optimal performance. eVolve rain suits perform better with frequent washing, due to the proprietary eVent Direct Venting technology built into the fabric. 

Striker Jacket and Bib systems work best in tandem, but a single suit piece will make you buoyant. Bibs contain more Sureflote® material than jackets, and will usually provide more flotation than jackets. Please note that our flotation system is designated as flotation assist. It is not a PFD.

Read more about Sureflote® Flotation Assist technology here.

No. Striker rainwear DOES NOT have SureFlote Flotation Assist Technology. It is designed specifically to resist water while letting your body breathe. If you are worried about falling into the water, we recommend wearing a life jacket.

A good rain suit features an optimal balance of fabric weight, waterproofness, breathability, durability, and features designed for specific applications. Our Adrenaline, Women's Adrenaline, Denali, and Vortex rain suits have been constructed with all of the above factors in mind and designed specifically to protect serious anglers from inclement weather.

Warranty and Returns FAQ

Our product warranty covers defects in manufacturing or workmanship for outerwear, including but not limited to: seam failures; missing/defective snaps, zippers, etc; defective fabrication; separations, etc. for a period of two (2) years from the original date of purchase. Striker Brands will repair or replace the product at its sole discretion.

Click here for full details about Striker's warranty.

The warranty does not cover burns, tears, abrasions, stains, fading or normal wear and tear. For small burns and cuts, patch kits are available on our website.

Click here to learn more about Patch Kits.

In most cases, yes. For small tears, you can order a Patch Kit here.

Patch kits come in six options, depending on the Striker suit you own and the part of the suit that was damaged.

Learn more about patch kits here.

Returns and exchanges are allowed for purchases made through, provided a return request is made within 30 days of the order's delivery. Item's must be returned to us in original packaging, unused and in re-sellable condition.

Click here for full details on Striker's return policies.

For purchases from, you can start a return by clicking here.

We do not charge restocking fees, but all original tags must be attached and the item must be in perfect, resellable condition.

Once your return has been received and accepted, the original charge will be credited back to your credit card.

If you purchased Striker products through a retailer, please contact the retailer directly for their return policy and procedure.

General FAQ

For orders within the Continental US, we offer free standard ground shipping on orders over $50, and $5.95 flat rate shipping for orders under $50.

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If you have professional interest in working with Striker, just click here to send us a message.