Have you accidentally cut a hole in your bibs with an auger or burned a hole from a heater? Don't worry - we provide patch kits to our customers free of charge!

Please use our contact form or email to receive a free kit!

Repair Instructions:
1. Ensure provided fabric swatch adequately covers hole/tear in the fabric.  

2. Cut open 2-part adhesive with scissors on one end.
3. Squeeze 2-part adhesive onto warranty card or other disposable surface for mixing.
4. Swirl and mix 2-part adhesive with provided popsicle stick.

5. Apply mixed 2-part adhesive across and/or around tear or burn hole.

6. Apply remainder of mixed 2-part adhesive to back of fabric patch.

7. Apply fabric patch to garment – hold in place for 30 seconds to ensure sufficient seal. Let sit for 24 hours.
8. Applying a waterproof spray such as Nikwax after the patch has dried can help restore DWR finish on fabric and prevent leaking.