So, you accidentally cut a hole in your Striker bibs with an auger. Don't  worry - you can repair it with a patch kit!
Patch kits are available on our website in six options, depending on the Striker suit you own and the part of the suit that was damaged. Because styles and options are constantly changing, please contact Customer Service for guidance on which kit is best for your suit.

• 600D Polyester Shell - Gray
• 600D Polyester Shell - Black
320D Nylon Shell - Charcoal
320D Nylon Shell - Black
1680D Polyester Knee Material - Black

Repair Instructions:
1. Thoroughly clean the fabric around the damaged area.

2. Ensure the fabric swatch provided in the patch kit adequately covers the hole/tear in the fabric.  

3. Open the 2-part adhesive on one end with a scissors, squeeze an adequate amount onto a card or other disposable surface, and mix it by swirling it around with a popsicle stick (or something similar).

4. Once the 2-part adhesive is thoroughly mixed, apply it around the damaged area.

5. Apply an adequate amount of mixed 2-part adhesive to the back side of the fabric patch.

6. Apply the fabric patch to the garment.

7. Hold the patch in place for a minimum of 30 seconds to ensure a sufficient seal. Let sit for 24 hours.

TIP: After the repair is complete and the patch has dried, applying a waterproof spray such as Nikwax (not included) may help restore the fabric's DWR finish and prevent leaking.