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    Ice fishing is a passion we share with our customers. We want everyone to enjoy the sport as much as we do, but the reality is that sometimes, ice fishing can be dangerous. Whether early, late or middle of the season, there is always an inherent risk of falling through the ice. This is not a fate we want for anybody and it is why we put flotation-assist in all our ice suits. 

    Life-Saving Stories

    Safety on the Ice:

    Always Be Prepared

    Throughout the years, we have heard many stories of people falling through the ice. Most of these stories would have ended differently had they not been ready with a very important safety feature; Sureflote Flotation Assist Technology. It pains us to hear these scary stories from customers, pro-staff, friends and family, but it makes us feel a little better that we are making products that help save lives. We want to share some of these stories, not to scare you, but to spread the message of safety and being prepared for the worst. 

    Brad Hawthorne

    "I fell through the ice three different times. Once, I did not have a flotation suit on. I literally had to 'bust' my way back with my elbows for about fifty feet to get safe. I was so tired that I didn't know what I was going to do. Luckily, I had friends there that were able to grab me and get me out... The second time that I fell through, I was just happy I had a suit that made me float"

    - Brad Hawthorne, Striker Pro-Staff from Isle, Minnesota

    Jereme R.

    "I was fishing for Pike in Ct. As soon as I went in, the suit took me right to the surface. I was actually surprised at how buoyant I was. My legs were kept up and the suit helped me get out because my body was pretty even with the top of the ice. It kept me surprisingly dry because a lot of my body was out of water. Thank you guys for making an outstanding product! Please, keep it up."

    - Jereme R., Customer from Connecticut

    Matt Bain

    "I was out fishing 10” of ice when I went through. Temps were -24 below zero plus a wind chill. When I went in, the cold water knocked the air out of me. I tried to pull myself out, but every time I tried the ice would break away. After three or four attempts I was getting pretty tired and it was hard to get enough Oxygen. My Striker Ice Climate suit kept me floating. I tried to take a few deep breathes, then I reached out on the ice and managed to pull myself out. I was soaking wet and it was painfully cold outside. The closest place was my buddy's place. It was far enough that knew I was going to have to dig deep and push myself. After a while, every step I took felt like a million needles going through the bottom of my feet. I remember I kept picking out a point and I would push myself to walk to it. I kept doing this until I approached my friend's house. Luckily my buddy saw me approaching and knew something was up. I remember getting to his door and just collapsing. I was very lucky and probably shouldn’t be here. I can’t stress enough how dangerous ice fishing can be. We invest in rods and reels, but the first thing I tell everyone is to make sure you have a floating suit like my Striker Ice gear. I still have the suit that saved me and the memories of that day. I hope everyone reads this and takes a minute to evaluate your safety. Lastly, no matter the challenges life brings to you, keep driving forward in life. In the end you will be a better person for it."

    - Matt Bain, Striker Pro-Staff from New York

    Nathan K.

    "I was venturing out onto Lake O with my dad to check out some fishing holes in the winter of 2014. The ice seemed thick enough to support us at a depth of 6 inches or more. Luckily, I had my dad outfitted in the Striker Lite Suit, which I have worn myself many times. I participated in demonstration events for Striker, showing how to crawl out after falling through the ice wearing Striker flotation-assist gear back in the day when there was only a Lite Suit and a Heavy Suit. Anyways, my Dad fell through the ice and using techniques I learned myself doing the demonstrations, he was able to easily get to the edge and roll out onto good ice. There is no doubt that this suit saved my Dad’s life. "

    - Nathan K., Customer from New York

    Anonymous from Michigan

    "I laughed at one of my buddies for spending so much money on a Striker Ice Suit for both him and his adult son. Sure, the Striker suits look good but who cares for fishing? We poked fun at them for spending so much money. Well, we didn’t know that nether one could swim so I never thought about the risks of them being out on the on ice. While out with a group of fishing pals one trip in Michigan waters, my buddy and his son ventured out early in the morning on the ATV to find a certain hot spot near a channel. There seemed to be plenty of ice since this was in late winter 2017-18. The water in the channel area is perhaps 75 feet deep. Well, they hit some bad ice while both were riding on the ATV and they dropped in. They remained there in the icy cold water for almost two hours until some of us went out to look for them. They were able to float the whole time, although they were freezing cold being in the water that long. I contacted Striker to thank them for saving my friends’ lives and I am sold on their ice fishing apparel with flotation-assist. We plan a celebration of life party for my friend and his son. "

    - Anonymous Customer from Michigan

    Anonymous from Iowa

    "I was out river fishing on cold day in early spring. Since it was so cold, I decided to wear my Striker ice fishing suit to stay warm. I am 70 years old and I can get cold out there in the river. While I was fishing, I blacked out sitting on my boat seat and fell overboard into the river. When I regained consciousness a short time later, I was bobbing in the river instead of dropping to the bottom. My buddy helped me get back in the boat to safety. Thank you Striker for saving my butt."

    - Anonymous Customer from Iowa

    *StrikerICE suits with Sureflote® flotation-assist are not Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices and are only intended to provide flotation assistance. Refer to Tech Talk page for details.