Product FAQ's

What makes StrikerICE suits different from other brands?
What makes StrikerICE Suits float?
How waterproof are the StrikerICE Suits?
How can I adjust the inseam of my bibs?
What size should I order?
Can I wash / dry my StrikerICE suit?
Can I wash / dry my Striker Rain suit?
Can I float with just the bib or just the jacket?
Does Striker Rainwear have SureFlote Flotation Assist Technology?
What makes a good rain suit?

Customer Service FAQ's

Can I repair my torn or burned shell fabric?
What does your product warranty cover?
What is the product warranty return procedure?
How long do I have to return or exchange an item?
Who do I contact for an exchange or a return?
What are your shipping prices and options?

General FAQ's

Where can I purchase Striker gear?
Can I purchase gear at a discounted price?
Who do I contact about Sponsorships, Brand Ambassadorships, and Pro Staff?