Climate Heated Gloves


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The Striker Ice Climate Heated Gloves are made for ice fisherman. Go ahead and reach down into your ice hole to grab the big one or to clear the slush! Fully waterproof construction because of a waterproof/breathable fabric shell with a full-size Hipora® W/B glove insert.


  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • 1 double charger-Battery Voltage 7.4V, Capacity: 2200mAh-Input: DC8.4V, 500mA--1000mA


The default is the maximum power output of the power shift, 100% power, LED lights red.(It can last about 100 minutes).Press the button twice 80% of the output power, LED lights. LED lights orange.(It can last about 125 minutes)Press the button three times 60% of the output power, LED lights green.(It can last about 135 minutes)Press the button four times and 40% of the output power, LED lights display green flashes. (It can last about 160 minutes)Press the button, five times and the lithium battery will shut down, LED lights off Charging: Use the double charger to connect the battery, the RED light on means charging in process, the GREEN light on means the charge is full. If you don't use the battery for an extended period, fully charge the battery for storage.

Staff Note: Closeout. Replacement batteries are no longer available.