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If you fish in a portable or permanent shelter, and occasionally set out to tame the open ice, the Climate Ice Gloves are designed for you.  300D shell and synthetic palm construction make for easy on/off, easy stow, and forgiving materials that both wear well, and keep the elements out.  You’ll be stuffing them in your portable one minute and slapping them on to grab a tip-up the next, all the while being prepared for a full plunge in ice-water should your buddy need help with a fish.  The Climates are the most versatile ice glove on the market, with technology that rivals the most advanced.


  • 300D Shell Material on Back of Hand and Gauntlet
  • Synthetic Palm Material
  • 150g/200g of Thinsulate Insulation
  • Hipora® Waterproof/Breathable Insert
  • Adjustable Wrist and Gauntlet Closures
  • Immersion Proof

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