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    kim ondriska | wi

    Favorite Bodies of Water:

    Green Bay and Oneida Lake

    Target Species:


    Favorite striker products?

    I love the Performance Hoody because its versatility. It keeps me warm everyday, year round. I love how well it blocks the wind and its flexibility. It is very comfortable and truly, a perfect piece for hard or soft water wear. Another favorite of mine is the new Women's Elite 1/4 zip. It fits well, has a nice stretch, and thumb holes. It's an all-around great shirt to wear as a base layer, or even out to dinner! I am loving the new Women's Cable Knit beanies. Not only are they really cute, but they are fleece-lined and super warm! Finally, a hat that fits right and will actually keep me warm. I'm looking forward to wearing these on and off the ice.

    Expert Tip:

    During the ice season, it’s hard to beat a good bluegill or crappie bite. Paying attention to water temperatures, air temperatures and everyday weather all plays a game in targeting panfish. The most important ingredient to a successful panfish excursion is staying mobile. To do so, drill a series of holes in a grid formation (roughly 10-15 feet apart) that covers a wide area of the structure you are fishing. Bluegills and crappies will cruise weed lines or will be suspended over deep basins, and by moving from hole to hole in a given area, it will allow you to stay on top of the fish in search for forage. Tungsten jigs with soft plastics or jigging spoons tipped with waxworms are two of my favorite techniques for this method. Instead of dragging your portable fish house everywhere you go, get yourself into a Striker Ice Climate, Predator or Hard water suite and a pair of Striker Ice Boots to stay warm and dry and to stay on top of the fish!

    funny Story:

    One of my most memorable trips and experiences while fishing Lake of the Woods was hooking into my personal best Northern Pike weighing in at 17 pounds, 40 inches long on a 6 inch jerk bait with 12 pound fluorocarbon line on a 7 ft. medium action rod. The vision of the giant first surfacing and jumping, thrashing its giant head will forever be one of my most favorite memories! On that same trip, I watched my fishing partner toss a pair of pliers into the lake after unhooking another northern pike instead of tossing the fish back. The look on his face was priceless as he stood there with the fish still in hand!

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