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     Josh “Skinny” Jensen | wi

    Favorite Bodies of Water:

    Anything Small and off the beaten path

    Target Species:

    Walleye, Crappies, Perch

    Favorite striker products?

     The first has to be my Climate Suit. It has all but replaced my portable ice house because of its versatility. I can adjust to any environment, and I use the Softshell liner jacket to wear everyday all winter long! Second, are the Striker boots. These things are some of the lightest and most durable winter boots I have ever owned. I start wearing them for late October bowhunting all the way to the puddled late ice at the end of March. These boots are just plain awesome.

    Expert Tip:

    As a panfish angler presentation, especially in winter, is important. Getting a light jigging presentation to lay horizontal can be tough especially when on a roaming school. I opt for a No-Slip Loop Knot or Lefty’s Knot. This is very popular with hard baits and Fly fisherman, but it has proven time and time again to be a go to for me when targeting those big bull Gill or Slab Crappie.

    Why Fishing?

    Honestly, I was born to fish. My family has numerous stories of me with a fishing rod in my hand pretty much before I could walk. I went to college to protect the water that provides the fish I love. I have a career doing the same. So why did I start and still love fishing? I honestly I don’t know, but I do know that I will never stop.

    Industry Involvement:

    When I’m not on the the water I spend my time with my wife Emily working with an organization called Ice Junkies Outdoors. This organization allows us an opportunity to give back to the fishing community though events and social media.