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    Josh hagemeister  | MN

    Favorite Bodies of Water:

    Rainy Lake, Ottertail Lake, Crow Wing Chain, Osakis, Mississippi River, Gull Lake

    Target Species:

    Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Northern Pike, Walleye, Musky - Anything that swims!

    Favorite Bodies of Water:

    Finding active always seems easier than finicky fish. Find a good school and conquer, if they don't bite, don't wait too long - try your luck somewhere else and come back later.

    Favorite striker products?

    I really appreciate the Predator suit because of the warmth and functionality it provides. The bibs are easy to get in and out of even with boots on. The Performance Hoody is also a great heavy weight and roomy layering piece to compliment the Predator! The Climate Jacket is also a perfect year-round jacket for on the ice or in the boat due to its ability to withstand heavy wind and precipitation.  It is one of my favorites for soft water fishing in the cold wet spring and fall seasons and is still stylish enough to wear to church! Finally, the Logic rain suit is my new go-to rain gear for myself and clients. Very lightweight, easy to pack, and breathable but stubborn enough to keep the driving rain out in a boat going 50+ mph.

    Expert Tip:

    The key to catching fish consistently is understanding the predator prey relationships involved in all species of fish in a body of water. Learn as much as you can about every fish - not just the target species. In other words, if you want to catch walleyes - be an expert on what they eat when, why, and where.

    Industry Involvement:

    Helping people learn about fishing and catching more has been in Josh's blood since the days he worked at In-Fisherman Magazine's Camp Fish as an instructional fishing guide. Josh's most recent endeavor has included the re-creation of Camp Fish( partnering with Troy Lindner and other former Camp Fish Staff to get the job done.  


    Captain Josh Hagemeister has been making a living as a professional fishing guide for 29 years. With a passion for fishing that started at age 4, Josh took it to the next level by starting Minnesota Fishing Guide Service while still in high school. Throughout college and throughout his adult life, Josh has guided over 5,000 trips in the boat alone--and countless ice fishing trips as well. Due to spending nearly 300 days a year on the water, Josh has become known as one of the most versatile and efficient multi-species guides throughout the state known to catch fish anywhere at any time. Hence the famous "guaranteed fish" associated with Minnesota Fishing Guide Services. While his specialty is walleye (due to demand), Josh enjoys all species of fish including saltwater. While most of Josh's time is spent in a boat knocking out nearly 200 trips or more per season (yes that's three a day much of the time), during the "frozen period" he is scouting and moving fish houses for his ice fishing rental/guiding business.

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