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    joel nelson | MN

    Although James Holst has caught more 10-pound-plus walleyes live on camera than most anglers will catch in a lifetime, he enjoys teaching how to catch fish almost as much.

    “The motivation for my involvement in the fishing industry – from my early days as a guide to my TV and Internet fishing businesses of today – has been and always will be to share what I’ve learned with anyone that is interested,” says the In-Depth Outdoors TV host.
    And interested they are. James’ dynamic multimedia-machine In-Depth Outdoors attracts hundreds of thousands of TV viewers each week and millions of website visitors annually. 

    James began his fishing career as a fulltime fishing guide, spending more than 250 days a year on the water, coaching clients how to catch walleyes on the Upper Mississippi River and Minnesota’s Lake Mille Lacs. In 2000, he launched the In-Depth Outdoors website, allowing him to share his knowledge with a broader audience.

 In 2006, James began doing what many dream of, but few dare to do – host and produce a fishing TV show. In-Depth Outdoors TV is now in its 13th Season. Since then, he and the IDO crew have become the authorities on ice fishing in the Upper Midwest.

    “I love the challenge of overcoming ultra-cold temperatures, high winds and miserable conditions,” James says. “It makes every walleye caught count double in comparison to open water.”

    Target Species:

    Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Muskie

    Favorite Bodies of Water:

    Currently it is Lake Nipigon in Ontario but my “favorite” changes every couple years.

    Favorite striker product?

    Striker Ice Predator Suit. I love the fit and the functionality. It fits me like a glove without being overly bulky which allows me to stay very active and mobile out on the ice!

    Expert Tip:

    Never set up an ice house until you’ve located active fish. Far too many anglers drill holes, set up their ice house, fire up their heater and get themselves situated before they ever put their electronics in the water. Find fish first, verify they’re the target species and active before going through all the effort, and spending all the valuable time, of setting up your shelter.

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