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Guardian Bib - Striker Store
Guardian Bib - Striker Store

Guardian Bib


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Striker's Guardian Suit is much more than a shell suit. In fact, it sports the same shell and SUREFLOTE™ flotation liner that our Climate and Predator suits have. And even though Guardian has 60g of THERMADEX™ insulation compared to 100g with Predator, it still boasts a warmth rating of 6 for handling most winter conditions. Facing below zero temps? Throw on another layer underneath and voila, you can tackle the extreme cold with confidence. Guardian has fewer features to reach a lower price point, but still has all of the main attributes that made Striker gear famous.

Flotation means safety, pure and simple, but you’re not out of luck just because budget is a concern.  You don’t need to wear puffy or overly-warm bibs to get it either, with the Guardian Bib providing the perfect blend of warmth, comfort, and safety, all for the fraction of a cost that non-floating bibs offer.  You know you need protection from the elements, and waterproof sturdiness that only a high-end bib can provide, but you don’t need to overheat your body or your wallet to do it. 


  • 320D Tussor Shell Material
  • Hydrapore 5,000mm/5,000g Waterproof/Breathability
  • Insulation: 60g Thermadex, 150g Sureflote Insulation
  • Sureflote  Flotation Assistance Technology
  • Adjustable Inseam/Cuff
  • Fast-Drain Hems

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