“Love the suit. The wipe towels and the beverage/bait holder are super. I find new features evertime I wear it.”

“I can’t believe how comfortable your floater suit is to wear. I just open the vents when I work up a sweat hiking to my spot. Nice product.”

“The magnets on the flaps are pretty neat. I had to look online at the videos to figure out all of the cool features. Love it.”

“After watching the ads I finally bit the bullet and bought one of your Striker suits. I decided to give it a test in my pool and I couldn’t believe it. It was like I was wearing a life jacket. No more worries about stepping on bad ice for me. This is going to be a life save to somebody and you should be proud of that!”


“My buddy was yapping so much about how great his new Climate suit was that I had to buy him lunch to shut him up! Now I am going out to buy my own!”

“It was pretty funny when the rest of the crew had to warm up in a shelter while I remained perfectly warm outside. We were doing a photo shoot and the other guys were wearing the top suits made by the other brands. Temps were below zero and winds were howling at 30 MPH. I am sold on the Climate suit!”

“Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am with my new Striker Ice Climate floating suit. It is by far the warmest suit I’ve worn and the fact that it floats is priceless. I am looking forward to wearing it for many seasons to come. Keep up the good work!”

“I really do like your coat. I staying as comfortable have been in the boat this December perch fishing in 40+ mph winds! Never was uncomfortable. Either too warm or cold. (Michigan ice this year has been a very sketchy) Also I just got back from a 4 day ice fishing trip in the northernest part of Michigan. The jacket worked great for a trip of up and down temps.”

“I spent all of last sunday kneeling in deep slush while staying bone dry.”

“I’ve had a chance to wear your clothing a number of times in the last few weeks and have to say that I have been very impressed. The feeling of safety that you get while out on the ice is unbelievable and overall the suits have been fantastic!”

“I love the suit! Thanks again!”

“The Climate suit is awesome. I have worn most of the competitor’s suits and they don’t even come close. I really like the jacket liner. I wore it all winter as an everyday car coat. I sold all of my other stuff.”

“Unbelievable is all I can say. I just went out on the ice with one of your sales reps. He suggested I try out the Climate suit. It was -2 degrees with a 20 mile an hour wind. When I said I would bring my portable shelter, the rep said “No Need”. Bewildered, I agreed to give it a go. I was totally impressed. We did very well during our hour and a half mission, and I stayed toasty warm the whole time. Now I have tried all the other brands (because ice fishing is my life), and regardless of price nothing matches up to the Climate. And I get a virtually free softshell jacket to wear separately (the liner that comes with the jacket). I AM SOLD!”


“Just wanted to tell you that I was out with my dad fishing on some questionable ice a while back. Luckily, I convinced him to wear my new Striker Hardwater suit. Well, he fell though the ice and went in the drink. He just bobbed there in the open water and I was able to pull him to safety. Thanks Striker Brands.”

“I had to do a project in my garage with the temps at -10 (putting hyfax on the ice sled). I decided to try out my Hardwater outfit and I must say that even at below zero temps, I was able to take off the jacket! And as for the bibs, it felt like I was kneeling on carpet even though I was on ice cold concrete. Wow!”

“I spent all day in wind, sleet and then snow. I barely noticed how nasty it was because I was wearing my Hardwater suit. I have yet to find conditions cold enough to beat my Striker suit. This thing is a real furnace. Thanks.”

“I’ve had a chance to wear your clothing a number of times in the last few weeks and have to say that I have been very impressed. The feeling of safety that you get while out on the ice is unbelievable and overall the suits have been fantastic!”

“I love the Hardwater suit. I wear it at work perched 60 feet into the air on a derrick rig. I don’t even notice the cold.”

“Thanks Striker Brands for donating the Striker Hardwater suits for our trans Siberian Ural motorcycle trek last January. We were the only team that didn’t nearly freeze to death. You got some great international exposure and we avoided freezing to death!”

“Thanks Striker for outfitting our entire emergency response team. The trick is going to be getting my crew to not keep taking the suits home to wear ice fishing. I don’t blame them.”


“I just used your Prism Ice suit for the first time today and I loved it. It was 5 below and windy and i was plenty warm. Thank you for the great suit.”

“Suit arrived and it has been awesome. It showed up on Friday. Thanks again for getting it there so quickly. My fishing buddies all asked, “Wow, what suit is that?” They liked the colors the quality.”

“Fianlly, a women’s ice fishing suit that doesn’t fit like a butchered up man’s suit. I love it. My husband likes it too.”

“I love the drop seat feature on my Prism bibs. It saves lots of embarassment! Thank you.”


“Holy shnikes, man! It looks to me like you got every single thing right. Tons of great features, some new to the whole ice fishing suit scene. As a shorter legged fella, I was particularly impressed with how the bibs adjust from a 38 inseam up to a 30 without any one being able to tell they are rolled up. Stopping the zipper at the 30 inch inseam length and using snaps beyond that is a stroke of genius.”

“Went out on the ice yesterday specifically to shoot shots in the gear. Still think it’s the best stuff I’ve every used!”

“This is by far the best choice for the serious ice angler. Not too heavy and loaded with trick features. The adjustable bibs with the super ultra deluxe knees are the envy of all my pals (until they bought their own).”


“I just used your Guardian suit and I must admit, I was pretty aprehensive about this suit. It feels so thin that I really doubted whether it would keep me warm. Well I was plenty surprised when I was out on the ice on a pretty cold day. It was hovering around zero. I only had a sweatshirt on under my jacket and I was very comfortable. I even layd down on the snow and took a nap. Nice suit!”

“I was able to test out the Guardian suit on Lake Superior last fall. Even though the wind was biting, I stayed warm and dry. This Guardian suit is way underrated. I love it because I can wear it for three seasons. I just have to add a layer for ice fishing up here in the north country.”

“I am very impressed with your Guardian safety suit. I decided to get one for each of the kids so I don’t have to worry about them getting into trouble. They don’t whine and I don’t worry… perfect! Small investment for a great product.”


“I didn’t believe it. The ads say that these Climate gloves are not only waterproof but also immersion proof. I have tries the other brands that are supposed to be waterproof and when you get them near the water you’re soaked. Well, I decided to be bold and dip them right in the icy water through my fishing hole, expecting to be disappointed. Holy Moly, I stayed completely dry. You guys should charge 100 bucks for these because they are worth it!”

“I love my Climate mitts. They don’t look like much but boy are they warm. The synthetic palm doesn’t get wet like my leathers do.

“Hey guys, these Second Skin Gloves are awesome.  Dip them in water and my hands are dry. Magic!”


I just got youir Striker Ice Windbreaker Beanie. My wife tried it on and immediately claimed it as hers so I am ordering another.

*These are some of the reponses we have gotten from REAL customers who have tried our products and loved them enough to tell us. If you want to share your own comments please email us by clicking “contact us” below.